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Design & Illustration

by Dorothea C.

Creative - Effective - Professional

I’m in love … with Graphics!

Bare teeth to the task! Better business for you!
I don’t stick my head in the clouds, I’m a realista, and a vectorista. Fond of effective workflows, keen sense for budgets and a bias for neat design. Vector drawing is my secret passion, but I will not settle for that.
So I am dating straight Concept Work, eye-catching Print Design and user friendly Web Design either.

I speak Photoshop, dream Illustrator and breathe Indesign.

I am ready to get creative for you - NOW!
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Icon Design

I just love those tiny little dwarfs - so small, often impressively simple, but still so informative.

Icon Design - just as graphic design for web - has become a complex task today with all the different devices they may be displayed on. But don’t bother with the details. Let me know, what you need, which style you like and where the little ones are going to be in use. The rest is up to me. I will deliver just what you need.

(click on a thumbnail to reveal my work samples)
  • Icon set & graphics for a real estate website
  • Icon set for an online role player game
  • Icon set for the iPhone app “Barking Fun
  • Food icons for a website about cooking
  • Icon set for a webshop selling doors and windows
  • Zodiac icon set for the website
  • Icon set for a website about entertainment electronics
  • Icon set for a website about coffee makers
  • Icon set in plastic, “realistic” style
  • Fun icon set and mascot for a price comparison & coupon website
  • Info graphic with icons about the field of transport
  • Fun icon set and mascot for a fun & joke website
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Creative Arts

Complex illustrations for games, packaging, posters, mascot creation, illustrations for children, motifs for textile printing … or just for fun. Love ‘em all!

If you need anything in the field of artwork, let me know which style you prefer and what exactly you need - and let’s get to work!

I also offer image editing services, vectorizing, creating collages and other services around graphic material. Just ask me, if you have a special task.

(click on a thumbnail to reveal my work samples)
  • Illustration for a fragrance box
  • Illustrated faces of different ethnicity for a beauty website
  • Set of different Halloween illustrations
  • Illustrations for an online role player game
  • Stock illustrations
  • references_thumb_overlay_left
  • Illustrations for different purposes
  • Stock illustration
  • Stock illustration for Halloween
  • Seasonal illustration for a christmas greeting card
  • Retro style food illustration for a hotdog stand
  • Comic illustration for a logo design
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Web Design

To supply you with the best service possible, I am working together with a Web Designer. This way we can offer you so much more. On demand, we process your entire web project from creating the layout to getting your website online and filled with content.

Our Web Design services include, but are not limited to: Website Design (from small portfolios to larger business websites, CMS’s preferred), Online Shop Design, Social Media Design, Templates, Newsletter Design and Website Re-Design. Of course we work with state-of-the-art technology. Just talk to me about your upcoming project and let’s see what we can do for you.

(click on a thumbnail to reveal my work samples)
  • Screen & Web design for a real estate website
  • Screen & Web design for an IT company
  • Screen & Web design for
  • Screen & Web design for a deluxe real estate website
  • Screen design for a modern design website
  • Screen design for a campus website
  • Screen design for an online store
  • Screen design for a wellness facility
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Print Design

Of course, you want your business to be represented perfectly. And you are looking for a professional to make it happen.

Letterheads, Business Cards, Flyers, Folders, Brochures and Magazines … name it!
All materials will be adapted to your existing Corporate Design. Wait! You don’t have such thing as a Corporate Design, yet? No problem! I can also take care of that.

(click on a thumbnail to reveal my work samples)
  • Folder for a culinary street event with regional dishes
  • Invitational flyer for an IT trade show
  • Product folder for a shop selling dried fruits & nuts
  • Event invitation card for a competition
  • Magazine cover for a paper about Cuban cigars
  • rInvitational flyer for a seasonal bazaar
  • Interview layout for a youth magazine
  • Business card & letterhead for a business coach
  • Business card & letterhead for a shop
  • Business greeting card for an IT-company
  • Info folder for a vacation camp
  • Business greeting card for an IT company
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How I work

My own idea of design?

Variety is key, because every task is different. It’s important to stay flexible, and think before throwing proven design principles overboard.

As for artistic perfection: Well, who doesn’t like perfection? But tight deadlines and limited budgets often speak another language.

I consider myself a very practical person, striving to get everything under one roof: High quality, precise and targeted execution, plus keeping the deadlines. Not to forget: I also like to contribute to work in teams. So, teams out there, if you have a project - game, software, app - and need a graphic hand with it, let me know!

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Welcome to my “Virtual Office”

For perfect service I take advantage of all available media, such as phone, e-mail and video calls. Complex projects are outlined together in an online project planner allowing you to keep track of the project’s progress.

my virtual office

I my online showroom I present the different stages of my work to you for reviewing and commenting. Files are exchanged over a secure server and for a happy ending your final files come via download.

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For you to keep

Here you find my portfolio for download.

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